We can take your payroll off your hands, along with the stress of coming up with the funds on the 20th to pay your PAYE to the Inland Revenue.

Payroll processing is complex and time consuming. Let us do it for you, and you can rest assured it will be done in a timely and proficient manner.

Most small-­to-­medium businesses will qualify for the Government subsidy.

OntrackPAYROLL will get your payrolls working electronically, increase their accuracy and make sure all tables and calculations are processed automatically. You won’t ever have to fill in another PAYE schedule, writing cheques will be a thing of the past and there will be no deadlines (or penalties) to worry about.

OntrackPayroll is designed to make payroll processing easy and affordable for small-­to-­medium New Zealand businesses.


Reduced costs: ontrackPAYROLL is cost-­effective for all small-­to-­medium New Zealand businesses. Initial, one-­off set-­up costs start from $15 per employee. There may be a one-­off data file fee of $229 for new payrolls, depending on what system your business currently uses.

  • No annual software fees
  • No support fees or fixed-­term contracts
  • No worries



OntrackPAYROLL does away with the need for paper-­based forms, as all payroll processing is done electronically. This makes it easier to increase the accuracy of your entered payroll details, because once it is set up, it does not have to be re-­ entered. Payroll tables and calculations are processed automatically. The system prints and/or emails all the necessary payslips and reports, where required.

  • No PAYE schedules to fill in and post
  • No temptation to use PAYE money held in trust
  • No cheques to write out and post
  • No direct credit schedules to prepare, if gross wages are direct-­debited or transferred to our trust account
  • No deadlines or penalties to worry about. Your liability becomes our responsibility.

Security of information

All information is stored away from your site, so there is no risk of losing confidential, private employee information if your computer crashes or is stolen. Your data is completely secure and confidential.

Increased compliance with legislation

Our software is updated regularly to handle any changes to New Zealand payroll regulations, so you need never worry about non-­compliance.

  • No data integrity concerns. Tax rate changes are handled automatically.
  • No sleepless nights. Your requirement to meet payroll obligations is substantially reduced.
  • No liability for your employer deductions. No late filing or late payment fees ever again.


  • Wages calculated and paid automatically
  • We pay your staff
  • We pay your PAYE on your behalf
  • Deductions processed and paid automatically
  • Easy to set up
    We do it for you
  • No more IRD worries
    Non-compliance and late payments and late payment penalties are a thing of the past
  • Payroll reports
    Track and manage your payroll with a range of payroll reports available
  • Safe and secure
  • We pay your deductions on your behalf
  • We file your return

PLEASE NOTE: All prices quoted are exclusive of GST unless stated otherwise. Charges relate to usual standard pay runs: any extra pays, final pays or reruns due to incorrect information being supplied will be charged to the client.

*CONDITIONS APPLY: Employers who pay less than $500,000 in PAYE and ESCT each year are eligible for a subsidy if they use a listed PAYE intermediary. The subsidy is to encourage small employers to outsource their payroll services so they can focus their efforts on growing their business. Bank fees may be on charged to the client.

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