ACC for Employer Levies coming 9th July

Your ACC Levy invoice for Employers will be sent our by ACC around the 9th July this year.  Quite often we see issues with invoices, so make sure you check the information they are billing on is correct.

What you need to check are:

  • BIC (Business Industry Code) is correct. A BIC is a way of classifying a business by their main activity – being product or service you provide. This code is used for statistical purposes with IR and Statistics NZ, and ACC uses your BIC code to calculate the levies you will need to pay (only if you have earnings liable for ACC levies). Supplying an incorrect BIC code will mean your ACC invoices are not calculated correctly.
  • Gross Annual wages – Ensure this is correct in comparison to your payroll for the last year, as this is used to determine your ACC levies for the previous year and the current year. Levies are based on your liable payroll filed with Inland Revenue and this invoice will include both your final levy for 2019 and a provisional levy for 2020.

Check that your invoice is correct by signing in or logging into MyACC for Business to manage your levy account:

On MyACC for Business you can:

  • log in with RealMe, Google or Microsoft
  • set up payment plans
  • update your details
  • see how much you owe
  • download current and past invoices
  • view payment history
  • view reports about work-related employee claims
  • give feedback to ACC.

Alternatively, give us a call or email us and we check that information is correct for you.


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