Legislation Involved in Payroll

Did you know there are over 27 Legislative Acts involved in payroll – insane right? So, isn’t it interesting to know that most small businesses have an untrained staff member processing payroll for their team? Payroll is not the back-office data entry job that a lot of people think it is.  In fact, when you start to understand the rules and regulations around payroll, you may be right in thinking…  Read more

Are you overpaying your team for annual leave?

Employees are one of the biggest costs, and the most important asset to a business, and annual holidays are a really important part of your teams health and wellbeing.  Ensuring your team are getting what they are entitled to is your responsibility as their employer.  If you don’t get it right, it can cause frustration for the employee, friction in the workplace and could land you in hot water with…  Read more

Are you paying your staff correctly for sick leave?

With winter illness at an all-time high, a lot of employees are having to take time off work to rest and recover.  We have been fielding lots of questions around sick leave, covid subsidies and getting it right when paying staff.  Using the right calculation for payment of sick leave is crucial to ensure the employees get paid correctly and it’s a logistical jigsaw when managing those in conjunction with…  Read more

Are your staff getting tax bills at year end?

Lately I have been hearing of a large number of employees ending up with tax bills at the end of the financial year. Employees will end up with a tax bill if they have not had enough tax deducted from their income throughout the income year to meet their tax obligations. Unexpected tax bills can be really trying, affecting the health of your teams, placing stress on their finances, and…  Read more

Are you overpaying your staff for public holidays?

Every public holiday that comes around brings a smile to the face of employees who normally work them, either because they get a paid day off, or extra pay for working on the day. Probably not so much for employers and payroll managers though…  as getting the pay right for employees is challenge for those that don’t know the rules.  This could mean you are overpaying your employees, or worse…  Read more

Do you have cash flow issues?

Whether it’s for personal use or for your business, cash flow is important. The movement of money in and out keeps everything running smoothly, and you have to know where you stand. But what if it seems that your cash flow isn’t really, well, flowing? If it seems that you’ve tightened your belt in every area and still coming up short, you might have cash flow issues. Here are some…  Read more

How much are you paying your staff for using their own vehicle?

The Inland Revenue have published the mileage rates for business use of a motor vehicle for the 2022 year. Helpful for those doing income tax returns for the 2022 year, not so helpful for those of us who reimburse employees for using their personal vehicles in the course of their employment on behalf of the business. For those reimbursing employees, you can use actual costs, IRD mileage rates, or rate…  Read more

6 Ways to Market Your B2B Company

Sometimes you want to try something new when it comes to networking with other business owners. Here are some ways for you to grow your network and bring in new leads. 1. Collaborate with others in a particular industry You know your niche or your area of expertise, so you know the questions to ask others when it comes to your industry. Collaborate with people who fit your ideal market.…  Read more

Payroll – Keeping Accurate Records

Most business owners are not aware of the rules around keeping the right records for payroll.  Employers must keep complete and accurate records of wages, time, leave and other details to comply with the Employment Relations Act 2000 and Holidays Act 2003. While all the record-keeping requirements may not seem necessary, they’re needed to show a clear picture of each day in an employee’s working year, that is, which days…  Read more

5 Effective Ways to Find New Clients

If you want your business to continue growing and thriving, you’ll need to find ways to bring in new clients. We have looked at 5 ways you can find new clients for your business. 1. Set aside time for marketing Regardless of whether marketing is your preferred activity, you need to set aside time for it. It’s easy to put marketing at the bottom of your priority list, but doing…  Read more

How can I prepare for End Of Financial Year?

In the last few days of March and the following weeks, there are some steps you can take to prepare for when you receive your Annual Accounts questionnaire from your accountant.   Bank Transactions Have you coded all your transactions? Make sure you code and account for all of your bank transactions for the year. This should be done on a regular basis anyway, but it’s a good opportunity to…  Read more

Minimum Wage Increases 1 April 2022

There’s a lot of concern amongst employers, with the Government’s increase of the NZ minimum wage to $21.20 per hour from 1 April 2022. This is a $1.20 increase from the previous rate. As a business owner, you need to be ready for the increase in minimum wage rates. If you have not yet talked to your accountant, payroll provider or your finance/HR teams now is the time. It is…  Read more

Targeted COVID Support Payment opens 28 February 2022

A new targeted COVID Support Payment will be made available for businesses struggling with revenue during the Omicron outbreak. From the Inland Revenue statement issued 24 February 2022 The Covid Support Payment is to help support viable and ongoing businesses or organisations which have experienced a 40% or more drop in revenue as a result of 1 or more of the following COVID-19 circumstances: the widespread presence of COVID-19 in…  Read more

Covid-19 Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme

Under the Small Business Cash Flow Loan Scheme the Government provides loans to small businesses, including sole traders and the self-employed, impacted by COVID-19 to support their cash flow needs. If you’ve previously applied for a SBCS and have fully repaid it, you can apply again. Applications are open until 31 December 2023. You can apply through myIR. The small business cash flow loan scheme will provide assistance of up…  Read more

COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme

The COVID-19 Leave Support Scheme is available to employers, including self-employed people, to help pay their employees who have been advised to self-isolate because of COVID-19 and can’t work at home during that period. Workers may also be eligible if they need to support a dependent (eg children or a family member with a disability) who has to stay home because they’re waiting on a COVID-19 test result. The COVID-19…  Read more

COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment

The COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment is available for businesses, including self-employed people, to help pay their employees who cannot work from home while they wait for a COVID-19 test result. Workers may also be eligible if they need to support a dependent (eg children or a family member with a disability) who has to stay home because they’re waiting on a COVID-19 test result. There’s a one-off payment of $359…  Read more

Should Your Business Consider Digital Receipts?

Receipts and invoices are vital to successfully running a business. You need them to track your purchases and expenses correctly. Your clients need receipts for their tax purposes and to manage their finances. Paper receipts and invoices have been around a long time, so many people are used to them and may even be resistant to moving away from them. Thanks to technology, paper receipts and invoices are more a…  Read more

Paying employees for Waitangi Day 2022? Here’s what you need to know

This year, Waitangi Day falls on Sunday 6 February and is observed on that day OR Monday 7 February.  Here is what you need to know about rights for employees and obligations for employers. Mondayisation for Waitangi Day This year, Waitangi Day falls on a Sunday. This means the holiday is moved to the following Monday, which is Monday 7 February. Requirement to work on Waitangi Day If your employee…  Read more

Payroll – Payment for Public Holidays After Termination

Did you know that in some cases, employees are entitled to be paid for public holidays after their employment has ended? If you have an employee who has entitled leave owed upon termination – you need to extend that leave after their final day of work and determine if they are entitled for payment for any upcoming Public Holidays. For example – there is an employee Danny, he works 5…  Read more

Payroll – Christmas and Public Holidays

Christmas is a time of sun, sand, lots of food and family time here in the Southern Hemisphere.  Ensuring employees get paid right for the public holidays however can be a challenge for those employing staff.   We thought we would put together some examples to help you on with navigating the challenges of the Christmas payroll this year. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS THAT FALL ON SATURDAY  How to work out pay and…  Read more

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