So this is me…..

She believed she could‘You should write a blog about you’ they said.  ‘People want to know your story’ they said.  ‘They want to know the person behind the business’ they said…

Really??  Well if ‘they said’, then I guess I must…

So, here goes…  My name is Di.  I’m a mum of two and a wife, a boss of five, or maybe seven..  a company director and a sister of three, a daughter and I hope a good friend.  I’m a traveler, an explorer, a motor caravanner and adventurer.  I’m a bookkeeper, an Aquarian, a bit of a geek.  I’m a numbers fan, words are not my thing.   I use to be shy, and I’m scared of mice. I cry at movies, whether sad or funny. I spend too much time on social media and not enough time in bed.  I am a startup Yogi, a non starting athlete, a coeliac and so not a foodie.  I was a coke addict and can’t stand coffee, a sugar queen trying to beat the addiction.  I love people and my alone time, I’m a Bay of Islands born, Whangarei bred kinda girl.  I’m down to earth and a straight up kinda chick, I’m full of passion for all things love life and business.  Boredom kicks in pretty quickly, monotony is not for me. I require a challenge and starting and growing my business sure does challenge us doesn’t it?

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy the journey..    DiCE <3


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