Need cheaper fuel?


With the ever increasing price of fuel, we’re excited to be able to offer our clients an increased level of discount on fuel purchases with an FnF Fuelcard!

Far North Fuels are a leading fuel card provider supplying Mobil, Caltex and BP branded fuel cards for use at over 900 service stations and truck stops throughout New Zealand.

FnF understands what it means to be in business and the importance of supplier efficiency and that is why they are able to offer businesses the complete solution for their fuel puuchases.

Together with ATAINZ, Far North Fuels provide several options for individuals and businesses alike seeking to save money on their fuel purchases. This can include discounts available off the displayed pump price, no card fees, and/or no monthly or annual fees. It’s that simple!

As a client on Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd, you are eligible for these discounts. So contact us and start saving on fuel today!


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