• Isabelle Bierwirth

    Di is an absolute gem! She knows what she is doing and is passionate about iT. She will listen and come up with the right solution for you, can highly recommend her, she will welcome you with a smile.

  • Kathryn Darroch – Rodney Wayne Whangarei

    Working through a Business Continuity plan and doing Cashflow Planning with Di from Ontrack Bookkeeping allowed me peace of mind that I am running my business effectively and as efficiently as possible. The insights derived gave me ideas as to what other things I could do to increase my profit in different areas. I now know what I have to do in order to keep my business sustainable in the future.

  • Andrea Scheschowitsch- Release & Unwind Therapeutic Massage

    Whilst doing my Business Continuity and Cashflow planning with Di, I really enjoyed the easy communication, felt understood and the guidance was at my level of understanding. The information and guidance shared with me was key to ensure my business keeps growing and heading in the right direction, with issues and weaknesses identified. All that without making me feel negative about where I am at with the business, in fact quite the opposite – as she has motivated me to work and improve my business.

    Thank you so much Di for all your advice and guidance, I wanted you to know that you have made a big difference to me and the business already with the work you do.

  • Kathryn Darroch – Rodney Wayne Whangarei

    “We were working as individuals within the business, rather than as a team, and we weren’t taking ownership or responsibility for our roles. Investing in the Core Values workshop with the team from Ontrack Bookkeeping has allowed the team to take ownership of the business succeeding.  The experience bought understanding to the team that everyone’s voice counts, that success is up to all of us and the team are working together supporting each other and proud of what we do. 

    I would definitely recommend doing a Core Values workshop with Ontrack, as they live and breathe this in their own business.”

  • Rachel Chuter

    The team at Ontrack Bookkeeping really know their stuff.  With the new changes to weekly PAYE filing in it was time to get up to date with the latest software.  The software package Ontrack recommended fits our needs perfectly and is already saving us time and money.  They even did the whole change over for me and I didn’t have to do a thing.

  • Mandy Wyatt

    Thanks so much for all your help, I don’t think i could have achieved it without you.

  • Liked Media

    I can’t recommend Di from Ontrack Bookkeeping enough!  For me, the financial side is not my forte and i want to be doing what I love.  With Di’s support, especially where i was starting out and very unsure, I was clearly guided through what I needed to do and how to do it.  She has offered every day words, not jargon.  I recommend di to anyone looking to get their finances in order and have been extremely impressed with her services and ongoing advice.

  • Murray – Boots n All

    HI Di, I’m working on the end of year accounts for our mutual client.  The first thing I always do is check my baseline figures – ie that the accounting data file matches the published accounts for the previous year.  Its actually surprisingly rare for these to match and I’ve recently worked on an MYOB file where I’m not the accountant to find figures out by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    It’s a rare (geeky) pleasure to find a set that is spot on like this so I wanted to say thank you and well done.

  • Karen Griffiths

    This is the most fun I’ve had with my books for years!

  • Kirsten Forde

    This is just a quick follow up note to say a huge thank you for the Xero Training session that we had, I found it to be very informative and of real benefit to a better understanding of Xero.

    Thanks so much for your time.

    June 2018

    Kirsten Forde
    Office Manager
    Engage HR

  • David Grant

    Many thanks for the training that you have provided me regarding Xero Payroll and Xero Practice Manager. I have been a MYOB Certified Consultant for about 10 years and so I’m pretty fussy when it comes to choosing people to teach me how to use accounting software.

    I really appreciated your in depth knowledge of how to maximise Xero and Practice Manager for maximum efficiency. I liked the way in which you were responsive and flexible in focusing on the issues that I needed help with.  I also appreciated your knowledge of best practice in bookkeeping, accounting and related fields such as employment law!!

    David Grant
    All About The Books

  • Chevaun & Matt Nel

    If you are looking for the best of the best you have just found them.

    We have had the pleasure of working with Diane and the team at Ontrack Bookkeeping for two years now and they have been just amazing.

    Diane helped us set up our business accounts and found what would work best for us. Changing to Xero has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Diane made the whole process easy, she is a great teacher and can turn stress into solutions, I have no idea how she does it. It definitely is a skill. We appreciate the quick and knowledgeable responses we get  to any query we may have.

    Diane thank you for your time, patience and all the support you give us. It is very much appreciated.


    Chevaun Nel
    Managing Director
    Maungakaramea Service Station

  • Becky Keen

    Di is a wealth of knowledge and my trusted business adviser. She set us up on Xero and had us in for a coffee to show us exactly how this works to allow us to do the coding and make things easy. I love being in control of my own accounts whilst always having Di and her team at the end of the phone.  I send emails and ring in constantly with silly little questions and am always greeted with a warm welcome and my questions are answered so well that I can go away and know how to do it myself for next time.  I don’t know how else to put it… she just takes the stress out of what can be very daunting and makes it seem manageable. Di and her team are truly fabulous and I would never hesitate recommend them to anyone… And have done many times already.

    Becky Keen
    Managing Director
    Keen Kitchen

  • Unichem Buchanans Pharmacy

    If you need a bookkeeping service for your business, then look no further than Ontrack Bookkeeping Limited.   We used their services for almost a year from July 2014 to May 2015.  Cheryl would come into our business one day per week and complete the financial inputting tasks using MYOB with efficiency, accuracy and attention to detail.  She would also advise us with respect to possible ways to improve how we did things when she saw the opportunity – improving our business processes.  We enjoyed our association with Ontrack in every way and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.


    Gemma Buchanan
    General Manager
    Unichem Buchanans Pharmacy

  • Angela Knight

    We contracted Di from Ontrack Bookkeeping as we had heard she was the go to person for implementing Processes and Procedures, she helped us with our Workflow max (XPM) to provide templates and training for our Accounting Practice.  She spent a couple of days asking us about our workflow procedures, and putting together the Xero Practice Manager checklists. She was very professional, explaining both the nuts and bolts of the system, and the how and why we would do these standard procedures. We had both group and one-on-one training with the Team members. Our team thought Di was outgoing and fun, and most importantly easy to understand.

    We now have standardised procedures to use in every job we do in our practice, and the investment we made in Di has been well worth it.

    Angela Knight
    Ezebiz Accountants

  • Natasha & John Lee

    My husband and I started our business from scratch in April 2007. We had never run our own business before and one area that “frightened” us was setting up the administrative side of the accounts. We knew we would have an “accountant” but setting up accounting systems, daily entering, reporting and managing of the financial side of the business scared us. What software to use? How to set it up? How to use it?

    We continue to be so grateful to Ontrack Bookkeeping -­‐ Di and her team, who have helped up with the initial set up, onsite training, on site auditing, “cleaning” of our data entry (!!) and advice along the way. Ontrack Bookkeeping have always been only to happy to help, never further than a phone call away or an onsite appointment, and their expertise has been received with open arms. They have continued to help us grow and be sustainable, from one entity set up and our growth to our current five entities. Thanks Di & Team

    Natasha & John Lee
    Managing Directors
    Small Poppies Ltd

  • John Steedman

    In July this year it was our good fortune to choose Diane Crawford-­‐Errington of Ontrack Bookkeeping ltd to come in and give our new office administrator some training in MYOB. As she had never worked with this program before she found the manual a bit overwhelming and hard to follow. Our new administrator found Diane’s instruction easy to follow and understand and has had little problem working with MYOB after only a few hours of training in the basics of this program.

    Diane is an excellent trainer, who has a vast knowledge of accounting practices and the ability to explain these in a forthright, easily understood and practical manner. Diane has been readily available for any follow up queries we have had and we found her a pleasure to deal with.

    John Steedman

  • Jeremy Tauri

    Diane has helped us provide our clients with friendly, efficient, affordable & regular bookkeeping services for the last four years. Her knowledge of MYOB small business products is outstanding. We’ve found that the Accountant/Bookkeeping combination is a very effective all round business solution to keeping good records and tax management. While she focuses on doing the books were able to focus on helping our clients interpret and manage the up to date information her and her team are able to provide. This is an invaluable service for today’s small business. We have no hesitation in recommending her services to new clients.

    Jeremy Tauri
    Plus Chartered Accountants

  • Raymond Poultney

    ” I’d just like to say that you are a great inspiration to me when it comes to running a business successfully. I know it’s constant hard work and it’s not been easy but your drive and determination is so obvious that it’s rubbed off on me and I thank you for that.”


    Raymond Poultney
    Graphic Designer

  • Kristen Rupapera

    We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Ontrack for the past 5 years. They take care of our bookkeeping, GST returns and PAYE. Along the way I am well informed of any changes that will affect my business and they are always there to answer any questions I may have. I do not hesitate to recommend Ontrack Bookkeeping to anyone. They really do “take the stress out of keeping your books Ontrack.”

    Kristen Rupapera
    Monster Graphics

  • Lisa Martin

    “I really enjoy working with Di and observing her skills, expertise and diligence on projects. She is an accomplished tax agent and makes bookkeeping a breeze for her clients – no job is ever too taxing (:>) and whilst focussed on the detail can always see a clear strategic path which always impresses me (shows a very intelligent mind). We are so lucky to have her on the Exec Team – a font of knowledge and a true leader – thanks Di (Hero!)”

    Lisa Martin
    Vice President
    NZ Bookkeepers Association

  • Terry Sage

    Business Coaching New Zealand has many clients of varying sizes and needs but in spite of their differences they all have the common need of, clear, accurate and up to date financial record keeping. In many cases of business ownership the owners either do not have the necessary skills or more often than not, the time that is needed to give justice to this very crucial part of their business.

    Business Coaching New Zealand has and will continue to, refer the services of Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd, to all of our clients who fall into the afore mentioned category of business owners who lack the skills set or time requirements. We make this referral with the knowledge that our clients will be receiving a service that is second to none in Northland and a service that in the majority of cases saves our clients money, as well as time, stress and frustration.

    It also makes the job of business coaching that much easier knowing the accounts are 100% accurate and for this we thank Diane and her team.

    Terry Sage
    Business Coaching New Zealand

  • Diane Stewart

    Diane Crawford-Errington and her team at Ontrack Bookkeeping Limited have been working with our company, H & H Slipway Limited, trading as H & H Marine & Engineering Services for approximately 5 years in the capacity of teaching, guiding and overseeing us through our obligations with regard to the financial requirements required by law in keeping an honest and reliable set of accounts – GST returns, Payroll and PAYE, Accounts Receivable and Payable and all matters pertaining to the company’s financial situation.

    We have found Diane’s wealth of experience and professionalism in this role as being very valuable to our company. She talks to us – not at us. She is always available to discuss any queries we have and both she and her team always find sound, no nonsense appropriate solutions for our day to day business activities. Ontrack Bookkeeping Limited have always been available by phone or email at no extra cost which is rare, with most accounting services. By being able to approach them so freely, it in turn, enables us to avoid assumptions, to get an accurate result.

    With all these attributes, Diane has a great sense of humour which she shares with me, which in turn makes my role in the company more pleasurable when carrying out my role as Office Manager / financial controller..

    Diane Stewart
    H & H Marine & Engineering Services

  • Marian Kenny

    When I first approached Diane for MYOB tuition, I had no prior exposure to MYOB… in fact, the whole accounts concept scared me. Diane quickly put me at ease, she has a very friendly but effective teaching style and after only a few lessons, I felt confident enough to input data on my own. I really felt I’d grasped the concept. Diane was also on hand to help me when I phoned to ask for her help. I believe Diane is one of the few people who will go the extra mile for her clients and would thoroughly recommend her service (Ontrack Bookkeeping Ltd) to anyone wishing to familiarise themselves with MYOB.

    Marian Kenny

  • Emma Jelsma

    I bought MYOB Business Basics when I first started my business, but after 3 months of it sitting unopened on my desk, I realised that I would need a little help with getting it up and running! Diane went out of her way to help me set up and personalise my MYOB programme, giving invaluable advice along the way.

    Diane has a teaching style that makes learning a breeze, and has the patience of a saint – by the end of one session I felt confident enough with the programme to carry on myself.

    I fully recommend Ontrack Bookkeeping’s tutoring service to anyone who wants to get more out of their accounting or bookkeeping software – thanks Diane, for your patience and perseverance!

    Emma Jelsma
    Word Perfect