Two down…. two to go

A month ago I wrote about it being award season and writing award applications for relevant organisations.  There is a huge amount of effort that goes into these award applications, and what you learn about yourself and your business whilst going through this process is a win in itself.  If you haven’t done it or are worried about doing it, just give it a go.  I am happy to chat with anyone about this.  


NZBAI Awards

Last week I was the recipient of an amazing award received from the NZ Bookkeepers Association.  The inaugural Gayle Buchanan Memorial Trophy for Bookkeeping Trainer of the year.  An emotional win considering Gayle was a friend and fellow bookie who passed away far too young in October last year.  I’m extremely honored to win this award.  



Xero award


Tonight number two came to fruition with a win for Bookkeeper of the Year Northland region at the Xero #xeroroadshow held at Toll Stadium today. What an awesome achievement, I am so super stoked. This means we are off to Brisbane for Xerocon South 2016 where all partners from NZ, Australia and Asia congregate to learn all about all things Xero and network with like minded individuals. I for one cant wait.



Like any good business, its only as good as the team as a whole and what a team we have.  A huge thank you to my crew for holding the fort, doing the doing, listening to my mad ideas, being as passionate about what we do as I am and making it all happen on the ground.  I am super stoked to have this amazing group of people on board, their support is amazing.  Thanks gals!


DiCE <3


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