Our story…

Ontrack Bookkeeping was born in 2003 from a passion for helping people and seeing a need in business community for a quality, affordable and stress-free bookkeeping service.  I was working part time for the government and part-time as a bookkeeper for a plumber at the time.  As a mum of two young girls (one of who had serious health issues) I really needed to do something that meant I could be at home with my youngest who had started school but spent a lot of time at home ill.  Having just moved in with my now hubby, I tentatively asked what he thought about me resigning from my job and making a real business out of this bookkeeping lark…  lucky for me he wholeheartedly supported me in this decision.

After a couple years of tapping away at the keyboard keeping the books balanced for a range of business’s, I was at a pivotal point in the business of either sticking to the clients I had and keep doing the doing, or look at making a real go of this business owning journey and employing staff and shooting for the stars.  What a journey it has been.

In 2007 I entered our business into the Northland Westpac Excellent in Business awards and won the Professional Services category.  What a ride that was.  This totally affirmed for me that we were doing we were doing really well.  At that point I had two team members on board.  We are now a team totaling eight and based around the country.  The development of cloud technology over the last few years has really made this happen.

Bookkeepers are in a unique position of being on the ground with the clients, understanding their needs and finding solutions that work for them.  We become the trusted business adviser as we are there week by week or month by month and understand what the clients need.  Finding solutions is a breeze with Xero and the eco system that surrounds it.

I am extremely passionate about helping small business owners and am excited to see them ‘get it’.  Taking control of your own finances is empowering and such a great feeling for them.  Some clients want to do the day to day work and some don’t, so we offer customised solutions for each individual client.  Whether is it set up and training, taking that stress away and doing it for them, or something in between, we provide a solution for their needs.  People come to Ontrack because they know that we will find a solution or give them options for their business – whether their business is big or small. They know are going to be able to help them grow and develop their business.  It is easy to build trust when they feel that they can approach you if and when they need support.

I love all things bookkeeping, Xero, investigating solutions and helping people, and if you are passionate and love what you do, this beams through in your personality.  People are attracted to that and how you make them feel and I believe this is a reason we get a lot of work and referrals.

Maintaining and looking after our current client base is very important to us and comes back to our core business values.  We have a strong team at Ontrack that share these values in all our business dealings.   This is an important part of what makes us unique.

If we can’t look after the clients we have, then clients are not going to stay, or refer you onto others.   They stay because we work with them, empower them, and find solutions that work for them

DiCE <3


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